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Lifting Motor – Drive Motor VEM From Germany


Three-phase, high-voltage asynchronous motors are proven, high-performance drives for all branches of industry. Different types of protection and cooling make them suitable for universal implementation. VEM offers the right solution with machines that are competitive and in line with market requirements for every application. They are durable and are characterised by ease of maintenance, modular design, high energetic parameters and low noise emissions. 

All motors are configured on a customer-specific basis to satisfy the special application criteria. Extensive know-how in the plant and continuous further development in collaboration with institutes and universities also contribute to the high quality of the products.

Because the machines can be operated on inverter, they enable customer-specific solutions that offer maximum productivity, maximum efficiency and the highest level of reliability. For decades, high-voltage machines bearing the VEM trademark have proven themselves in a wide variety of applications. As drives for pumps, compressors, rotary kilns and mills, in mining applications, the chemicals and petrochemicals industry, in steel mills and rolling mills and in the areas of environmental engineering and power engineering. Another advantage: The possibility of operation on the inverter –for significant cost savings over the entire service life.

The catalogue contains general technical explanations. We will discuss special requirements with you separately. We request that prospective customers contact our distribution department or the VEM sales offices and agencies. The products included in this catalogue are a component of the interactive catalogue. The electronic catalogue supports you in selecting and configuring the VEM products and offers you the possibility of printing out data sheets and enquiries

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