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Digitization is making an indisputable impact on industry. Many areas, such as the internal transport of goods, are turning automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and there are hardly any industries where AGVs do not play a role.  They can even be found in amusement parks as “mobile vehicles” within rides. In order to achieve high productivity, the battery-powered vehicles must be supplied with energy in the shortest possible time.

VAHLE is a pioneer in the field of charging contacts for a wide range of power requirements and offers the world’s largest standard range. The solutions are characterized by current collectors with long-life pressure contacts and the use of technically high-quality sliding plastics, which make the charging elements extremely wear-resistant.

Based on 30 years of market experience and in-house production, VAHLE also supplies solutions designed to meet specific requirements. Designs, dimensions and performance requirements can be individually adapted and, if desired, even branded in the customer’s corporate design. The service and engineering team looks after every project from the initial contact to the development of prototypes and series production.