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Industrial automation is advancing inexorably. Almost everywhere there are now storage or conveyor systems that rely on self-acting as well as robot-assisted technologies and thus enable higher productivity in a smaller area. In intralogistics, shuttles and stacker cranes store and retrieve goods quickly. In the production sector, on the other hand, for example the automotive sector, automated skillet lines transport the heavy car bodies along the production lines.

In order to reliably control these mobile automated helpers, an uninterruptible power and signal connection is required. Since the applications are becoming smaller and smaller, there is usually little installation space available for them. This is why VAHLE has developed the VKS compact conductor system. Despite its ultra-flat form, the VKS can be used with up to six poles. This allows the system to transmit control currents as well as other signals in addition to the drive power.

Thanks to its stable and solid extruded housing and its high power range, the VKS is particularly versatile. The contact-protected system can be integrated in lateral, suspended and vertical systems with or without curves. In combination with the VAHLE MULTI CARRIER (VMT), the compact conductor system also allows the installation of a positioning system.

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