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Many companies are faced with the challenge of having to achieve increasingly higher throughput rates in ever shorter production cycles in order to remain competitive. This can only be achieved if production technology and conveyor systems are fully available at all times. Power transmission plays a key role in this.

An extremely flexible solution, especially for mobile applications, is contactless power transmission. Since inductive systems dispense with any mechanical contact, they are wear-free, which reduces both maintenance times and operating costs.

Another advantage is that the technology can provide peak power quickly and enable unlimited driving speeds.

With the CPS140, VAHLE has a small-sized and powerful inductive solution on offer to safely supply mobile applications with power. The concept of the CPS140 kHz is particularly geared towards linear applications such as sorter systems or packaging machines.

For heavy systems such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or crane systems, the more powerful 20 kHz technology offers an alternative. The voltage-limited CPS140 also impresses with its high power density and low installation effort.

The variable combination of the primary unit with a wide variety of pickups and controllers also makes the system easily scalable. Especially where many mobile applications are in use, the CPS offers considerable price advantages.