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To increase their productivity, many companies are working to shorten their production cycles and increase their throughput rates. To realize this, manufacturing technology and conveyor systems must be fully available at all times. The energy supply system plays a key role in this.

Contactless forms of energy transmission are increasingly being used in mobile applications. Inductive systems, like VAHLE’s CPS20, are wear-free and low-maintenance. These benefits can help significantly reduce plant downtimes and operating costs.

With the CPS20, VAHLE has a established solution for inductive energy supply in its product range that has been tried and tested in practice for many years. In order to also reliably supply applications such as electric monorail systems, crane systems and heavy automated guided vehicles (AGVs), the system covers a higher power range compared to 140 kHz technology.

The voltage-limited CPS requires only minimal installation effort. In addition, the primary unit can be variably combined with a wide variety of pickups and controllers, making the system easily scalable. Thus, the CPS offers considerable price advantages especially where many mobile applications are required.