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Thanks to the small installation space and individually manufactured injection-molded parts to accommodate the individual rail elements, the U10 can be flexibly adapted to almost any track layout.

The U10 is touch-protected for safe use. Its individual insulation allows any number of poles, while the specially shaped protective conductor prevents unintentional polarity reversal and unintended electrification of the vehicle.

Thanks to its high compatibility with other VAHLE products, the U10 conductor system can be integrated into your plant as a vSystem system solution. vSystem then offers a complete system with the U10 for power transmission, APOS Optic for positioning, SMGM for data transmission, VCS for control and the VAHLE Smart Collector System for diagnostics.

Our portfolio in the area of 100 amp conductor rails is supplemented by the FABA100 rail system. The FABA100 system offers an equally wide range of applications, analogous to the U10 busbar. Due to its simple connector technology, the FABA100 is very easy to install, especially when it comes to system extensions and conversions. No special tools are required. The FABA100 is used wherever polarity reversal protection for the protective conductor is not required.

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