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VAHLE’s lightweight insulated conductor systems U15, U25 and U35, designed for indoor and outdoor applications, are easy to maintain due to their single installation.”With options for various conductor materials, they are also particularly flexible and can be installed suspended, laterally, vertically and even on curved tracks.

In combination with the VAHLE Multi Carrier (VMT) or the VAHLE Support Profile (VTP), the suspension distances as well as the application area of the U15 and U25 can be extended. n addition, various positioning systems can be integrated, allowing us to meet individualized customer requirements.

The U35 conductor system with aluminum/stainless steel conductor is used for the electrification of RTG, RMG and STS cranes in saline environments, especially maritime port facilities. This cost-effective alternative to copper conductor systems has proven its high wear resistance and durability in this harsh environment worldwide.

VAHLE offers a wide range of conductor systems to meet the needs of various applications. Our touch-protected systems, designed in accordance with DIN VDE 0100, can be assembled with any number of poles.

To prevent icing, the insulated conductor systems can be heated. But even under extreme heat, they ensure reliable power transmission. This is because the systems are also available as heat-resistant versions. U25 and U35 are even available as high-temperature versions, suitable for use in environments with humid, salty air.