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Motor powered Cable Reel

Mobile and movable equipment are often supplied with energy, data and other media via flexible line and hose systems. This is because they easily accommodate the movements of crane trolleys, gripper arms or conveyor systems. To ensure safe operation, however, cables and hoses must be released or automatically coiled to the correct length.

Heavy loads can cause strain, especially over extended travel distances as the weight accumulates. To cope with this, some cable reels are equipped with a motor drive. This supports the winding and unwinding and prevents unwanted rolling movements by means of a braking device.

VAHLE offers motor powered cable reels of all sizes for the power supply of crane systems in ports, steel mills and companies in the environmental industry as well as for mobile vehicles and loading machines.

The systems have various drive components. Their conductor ring ensures reliable transmission of power, control, data and video signals. Even the integration of fiber optic cables is possible.

In addition to cables, the corrosion-protected reel bodies can also accommodate rotary unions for hoses for the transmission of gaseous and liquid substances. Depending on the application, the winding and unwinding is cylindrical or spiral.

VAHLE motor powered cable reels are also particularly suitable for retrofitting gantry cranes in container handling.

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