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Spring Operated Cable Reels

Mobile and movable equipment depend on a flexible power supply. Many applications also require the transmission of data signals or the supply of compressed air, hydraulic fluids and gases. To prevent the cables and hoses from being damaged and endangering operation, they must be automatically wound and unwound.

VAHLE also offers the right solution for this and has a wide range of spring operated cable reels in its portfolio. They are mechanically driven by steel spiral leaf springs, which makes the systems particularly durable.

They also have an impressive range of applications. In addition to cranes of all kinds, they also include booms of construction and emergency vehicles, stage equipment, as well as intralogistics and the environmental industry. Thanks to their comprehensive corrosion protection, they withstand even aggressive operating conditions.

VAHLE spring operated cable reels comply with all VDE and accident prevention regulations (UVV). Numerous standard designs can be supplied quickly. However, systems with individual reel dimensions can also be ordered.

The cable can be taken off horizontally or vertically on the left or right side.

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